Digital Sparks

Team: Rob McTaggart and The Junction Public School

Digital Sparks was a student technology design challenge and expo for public school students in Newcastle and regional northern NSW. In 2015 and 2016, the challenge reached over 100 teams of 300 students. They spent months designing and building fantastic original projects to respond to personal, local, national and international needs that they identified. This is how it went down.


RAPID Design

RAPID Design was developed as a design thinking framework to support students in developing their own innovations using technologies of their choice. It is a framework to help you move rapidly from a problem to a workable solution. It aims to give students and teachers access to design thinking tools while avoiding some of the challenging jargon that is part of more corporate design thinking frameworks.


Following the first season of Digital Sparks, Engineers Australia Newcastle Division awarded Rob McTaggart an Engineers Australia Acknowledgement Award "in recognition of his work in establishing the Digital Sparks Regional Technology Design Challenge & Expo for primary school students".